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BII has a strong history of designing and implementing spaces for public, private, and higher education. Watch as classrooms, educators’ offices, cafeterias, and everything in between gets transformed by our education furniture team.


We understand classrooms are dynamic environments and are ever changing in order to keep students interested and to facilitate teachers’ needs. Products that are durable and inviting promote learning outside the classroom in areas such as libraries, lounges, computer labs, cafeterias, and hallways. BII’s knowledge and partnerships with K-12 and Higher Education furniture manufacturers is key to keeping up with technological changes and the diverse learning styles of every student. As technology and today’s work environments shift, it is increasingly important to prepare educational environments for the collegiate and work environments students will eventually encounter.

Higher Education

Higher education institutions are continually challenged to adapt to meet the needs of diverse populations while empowering people to learn to their full potential. University and college students today need adaptable learning spaces with furniture and equipment that help foster confidence that their productivity and well-being is protected.

The Ideal University Campus Provides...

1. A Welcoming Atmosphere

2. Flexible and Adaptable Space

3. Livability and Legibility

4. Functional Environments

5. Support for Multiple Teaching and Learning Styles

How to Create a Compelling Branded Environment in Higher Education

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Our Higher Education Furniture Projects

We have worked with a number of universities and colleges, both local to the Boise area and throughout the state of Idaho. When it comes to buying furniture for higher education institutions, we are knowledgeable on current trends and future needs for university spaces.

Additional Haworth Higher Education Projects

"The art of designing schools lies not in just understanding what makes a functional classroom, but in how successful we are in creating a wide array of educational options for teachers and students within the school environment."


K-12 Education

For K-12 educational facilities, a learning space requires the comfort, focus, and support students and teachers need. Today, students learn together in groups through interaction with their peers and instructors. The furniture must be designed in a way that enhances and expands opportunities for learning but never gets in the way of it.

We help create a unique & Enriching

Design for Every Space

Students’ needs and learning styles shift as they grow. We help select the educational furniture products that will support every student in every stage, creating engaging spaces where students, staff, and faculty can do and be their best. 


More than just desks and chairs. Classrooms today need to be innovative and flexible to support engaged student learning.


Applied learning happens through exploration. Hands-on activities in makerspaces can help ignite creativity and imagination.

Multimedia Centers

A sea of shelves with books has evolved into an immersive, interactive learning space to foster individual and group learning.


K-12 Education is as much as about social learning as it is academic. Cafeteria design can help nourish students' bodies and hearts.

Administration & In-Between

Administrative offices function as the nerve center for a school, and the in-between areas can be utilized as more than just hallways.

94% of surveyed educators believe space impacts learning.

– Source: MDR, The Impact of Learning Spaces on Student Success, 2018

Our K-12 Education Projects

We have designed and installed education furniture for elementary, junior high, and high schools throughout the state of Idaho and beyond. We understand how to manage expectations of multiple stakeholder groups and meet state and county regulations, all while creating an inspired space for our leaders of tomorrow.

Ready to Create an Inspired Education Space?

Contact us today to start the process for selecting education furniture for your school, K-12 or Higher Education.

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How to Create a



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