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We have completed corporate office furniture projects in Idaho, Washington, and throughout the Pacific Northwest. For every business, we seek to match a company’s goals, culture, and resources with commercial furniture that has the ideal functionality and aesthetic to meet the needs and wants of every employee.

Commercial Workspace Design for Humans

The most important factor in any office is the human element. The largest expense any business faces is attracting, retaining, and engaging personnel. One significant way to retain the most valuable employees is to create an appealing office environment and culture. BII takes a unique approach of developing a complete and thorough understanding of a business and its culture, and then utilizing unique tools to develop an organic workspace that allows employees to be comfortable, efficient, and productive. 

We help create a Functional & Aesthetic

Design for Every Space

Each area of the office has a unique function and purpose, but every piece of office furniture should complement the overall function and aesthetic. We think holistically when designing each individual space, including the following area types.


More than just desks and chairs. Workstations act as the central hub of productivity for employees within an open office concept.

Private Offices

Productivity and privacy reach their pinnacle within a private office environment, but there's more to designing it than you might think.

Conference & Meeting Rooms

Closed-door collaboration spaces provide areas for your employees to meet and create both internally and with external clients and partners.

Dining, Café, & Bar Areas

Coffee, coffee, coffee. Every office needs a "third place" for employees to recharge, refuel, and connect with one another.

Lounge & Social Spaces

When meetings don't require the formality of a conference room, lounge areas provide key touchdown spaces for teams.

Reception Areas & Lobbies

Your company's hug or handshake to everyone who enters your space, serving as the first impression for your culture and team.

Outdoor Patios

Who doesn't love a good patio? If you've got the space outside your office, furnish it well for comfort and connection.

Retreat & Quiet Rooms

Whether it's a phone call or a quick nap, retreat and quiet rooms can provide much-needed privacy for employees in an open office setting.

Our Commercial Office Furniture Projects

We understand the unique challenges that modern businesses face in an ever-changing environment. With over three decades of experience, BII is able to quickly assess your needs and provide an organic workspace that meets any budget, integrates technology, builds adaptability to allow employees to work in the environment that suits them most, and sustains improvements over time to meet unpredictability and futureproof your space. Below are a handful of the commercial furniture projects that we have recently completed.

"The essence of interior design will always be about people and how they live. It is about the realities of what makes for an attractive, civilized, meaningful environment, not about fashion or what's in or what's out."

– Albert Hadley, Interior Designer

Resources for Businesses and Organizations

As your business grows and changes, the needs of your physical space will shift as well. Oftentimes, buying new office furniture is not the answer. Instead, focusing on other aspects of your business such as culture and knowledge, can act as catalysts for improved employee engagement and retention. Below are various research-based resources that can help your organization thrive in the ever-changing business landscape.

Office Environments To Support Future Organizations A White Paper By Haworth

Office Environments to Support Future Organizations

The great number of influences on office design, including economic conditions, architectural and design trends, new products, client objectives, and regulations, makes predicting the office of the future extremely risky, but necessary.

Balancing Cost Effectiveness With Support For Corporate Change & Flexibility

Business trends, the value of space, and how changes in organizational workstyles affect office design; this paper discusses how to achieve a flexible balance between fixed and adaptable workspace elements.

Managing Knowledge In The Workplace Through Interior Design

Knowledge in the Workplace

As more and more of the economy is knowledge-based, there is a need to better identify of the difficulties of measuring knowledge outputs and how to carefully weigh decisions about the work environment that could impact an organization’s ability to effectively support its knowledge activities.

How To Create A Successful Organizational Culture A White Paper By Haworth

How to Create a Successful Organizational Culture

A search for “company culture” turns up over 290,000,000 hits in a fraction of a second. Why does the topic earn so much press? Because it’s critically important, often misunderstood, and influences employee engagement.

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