What’s In A Name? Our Brand Tweak from Business Interiors of Idaho to BII

We recently decided to tweak our brand from Business Interiors of Idaho to BII and to launch the new slogan “Creating Inspired Spaces.” Here’s why.

Since 1985, we have operated in the Treasure Valley and around the state of Idaho with the same company name: “Business Interiors of Idaho”. Over time, the visual identity of our company has evolved, with tweaks to the logos and colors, but the name has always been a constant…that is, until now. 

Over the first few months of 2020, our team did some exploration into the idea of a rebrand that would better reflect who we are as a company today and support where we are headed. Ultimately, we decided to stick with the heart of our current branding but with a slight tweak. 

While legally we are not changing the name of the company (so no need to fret for any accounting departments out there…), moving forward we will refer to ourselves publicly as “BII” rather than “Business Interiors of Idaho”. Alongside this name change is a tweak in our logo to remove “Business Interiors of Idaho” and add in a tagline: “Creating Inspired Spaces”.

Previous Logo for Business Interiors of Idaho (BII)
Our Previous Logo
BII (Business Interiors of Idaho) Creating Inspired Spaces Logo
Our New Logo

We have been quietly making this change over the past few months, reflecting it across our website, social media pages, and physical brand collateral. An observant few have spotted the tweak as we rolled it out, but we felt like an official declaration and explanation was called for. 

So, Why the Name Change?

The ultimate reason for calling ourselves BII lies in the truth of who we are today as a company. When Mark and Betty Heath opened the doors of Business Interiors of Idaho in 1985, the name was perfectly accurate. The company served exclusively as a commercial furniture dealer for businesses who were upgrading their interior spaces in Idaho. While we still work in this sector today, our focus as a company has grown and changed beyond this singular nucleus.

1. Our Work Extends Beyond Idaho

Today, BII operates throughout the entire Inland Northwest United States, not just in Idaho. While many of our customers call Idaho home, we work with companies and partners in Washington, Oregon, Montana, and Wyoming as well. Additionally, some of the companies who are based here also have offices around the country and the world that we help design and furnish. Because we were founded in Boise, Idaho and still operate from our company headquarters here, we will always consider ourselves “of Idaho”, even if it’s not reflected directly in our company name.

BII is a Commercial Furniture Dealer in Idaho, Washington, Oregon, Montana, and Wyoming

2. Our Scope Extends Beyond “Business” “Interiors”

BII still designs interior furniture projects for businesses; however, our customers represent more than just companies in the commercial space. We work with schools, healthcare clinics, non-profit organizations, universities, government agencies, hospitals, and more. The term “business” is not technically factual anymore as many of our customers are not simply commercial business entities. 

Also, who doesn’t love a good patio? We specify a ton of outdoor commercial furniture to complement the interior spaces we design, so why limit ourselves to just “interiors” in the name?

We didn’t want our company name to give off the impression that we don’t love a good patio!

3. Our Name Was a Bit of a Mouthful, So Everyone Already Called Us BII

The final reason for the tweak in our name didn’t originate from us. Over the years, we have heard countless customers, partners, and people in the community stumble over our company’s name; we’ve gotten “Boise Interiors”, “Idaho Business Interiors”, “Boise Interiors of Idaho”, and a many more creative interpretations of our name. Don’t worry, we aren’t offended; we know it’s a bit of a mouthful.

Because of the potential for messing up the name, most of our customers reverted to simply calling us “BII” anyways. Less and less of our customers are referring to us by our full name these days as “BII” comes out much more smoothly and is easier to remember. 

Creating Inspired Spaces

After diagnosing the issue, “BII” felt like the clear path forward. We work with more than just “Businesses”, provide furniture for more than just “Interiors”, and operate far outside the state “of Idaho.” As we were no longer going to feature our company name in our logo as we had before, we wanted to replace it with a tagline that accurately defined what we do as a company today. Thus, “Creating Inspired Spaces” was born. 

A few definitions:

Cre·ate | \ krē-ˈāt , ˈkrē-ˌāt \ | verb

: to bring into existence

: to produce through imaginative skill

: design

In·spired | \ in-ˈspī(-ə)rd \ | adjective

: outstanding or brilliant in a way or to a degree suggestive of divine inspiration

Space | \ ˈspās \ | noun, often attributive

: a limited extent in one, two, or three dimensions : distance, area, volume

: an extent set apart or available

Oftentimes, people boil down what we do to “selling office furniture,” but we are a whole lot more than that. We are passionate experts of our craft. We are students of interior design. We are dreamers for our clients’ spaces. We are empathetic and caring toward the people we design for. We are ergonomic gurus. We are creators of spaces people love to work in. We are company culture propagators. We are connoisseurs of design trends. We are lean specialists. We are community builders. We are furniture geeks. We are Best-in-Class and a Best Place to Work. We love what we do and wouldn’t trade it for the world. 

To put it simply: when a client sits down with us and tells their story, we are inspired to create a space that they will love to be in. 

Throughout our lives, we will spend 90,000 hours at work; that’s on top of countless hours spent in schools and universities, healthcare facilities, and government buildings. We truly believe that the hours spent in these spaces can and should be enhanced by their physical design. From our experience, people feel better holistically when they get to work and play in well-designed spaces that are aesthetically-pleasing and functionally-fitting. To borrow words from Architect Donald M. Rattner: “Our mental space stands in direct proportion to our perception of physical space.” 

Our new tagline “Creating Inspired Spaces” is anchored by our core purpose to Create Culture, Build Community, and Enrich Lives. We believe that the workspaces we design and install have the power to achieve all three of these things and that inspires us each and every time we create a space. 

Want to Learn More About BII?

Check out our about page to see more of our story, our heartbeat, and our team.