Back to the Showroom Wrap-Up; And, the Work From Home Winner Is…

We are excited to announce the lucky winner of our Work From Home office setup, and wrap up our Back to the Showroom story series.

And the winner of our Work From Home Office setup is...

Stephanie Clarkson!

Stephanie is a Project Architect at the University of Idaho and will be the new owner of a Haworth Task Chair and Height-Adjustable Table for her home office. Thanks to Stephanie for following along with our Back to the Showroom series! And, thanks everyone to everyone else who did the same, but unfortunately there can be only one winner!

While we have gotten to tell many stories of our company’s refreshed showroom over the last few weeks, you have only heard the perspectives of the handful of people from BII who helped write them. We wanted to give everyone on our team who gets to work in this space have a chance to share what they love about it. Here’s what they said:

Project Manager at Commercial Furniture Company

Erica Albertson, Project Manager

I love how much our company culture comes though in our space – it’s fun, eclectic and welcoming just like our team! I specifically appreciate that there is space for different types of work and focus levels, whether at my desk for “red light” days or in the lounge for a casual meeting.

Interior Designer at Office Furniture Company

Ali Rogers, Interior Designer

The new workstations. I like that we are able to show the versatility of our products through style and finishes. I also enjoy working in new workstations with new functions. Overall the “designer dugout”, as Jeff would say, is highly functional for whatever task we need to be doing.

Office Manager at Office Furniture Company

Mike Loustalot, Office Manager

The workstations are great. For a minimal cost and some labor we were able to reconfigure them to meet the growing and changing needs of our company. The new concept of the lightbox in the reception station and the cool furniture in the lounge area showcase how versatile working areas can be.

Interior Design Manager for Business Interiors of Idaho

Jill Sulgrove, Interior Design Manager

My favorite part of the showroom remodel is the new workstation packs. The colorful palette and diverse product selection show stations do not have to be boring grey boxes. Also, the light box at the reception desk is an eye-catching addition that makes me happy every time I see it. Finally, the inclusion of rugs, lighting and plants help our space feel complete, polished and more inviting. 

Interior Designer at Commercial Furniture Company

Cory Clute, Interior Designer

Can I have two favorite parts? I love the ‘resimercial’ space because I got to help design it and flex my creative muscles in the process. It was an amazing process to see that space go from virtual in CET to reality in our building. I also really love the social lounge space on the design side of the building. I feel like we capitalized on the day-lighting by tucking that space into the corner with all those windows.

COO at Office Furniture Company

Doug Whitfield, COO

I’d be lying if I didn’t say that my favorite part of the showroom remodel is my new office! Jill did an incredible job utilizing a small space, making it feel spacious and inviting, and (with the use of the Enclose double doors) helping it feel less like a private office and more a cohesive part of the rest of the showroom.

Elisa Eiguren-Lloyd - Sales Project Coordinator at Office Furniture Company

Elisa Eiguren-Lloyd, Sales Project Coordinator

I love the colorful accents combined with the natural wood elements, specifically the wall behind the reception desk and the chartreuse chairs. It’s stunning but down to earth and comforting at the same time. My time in the office has been a great eye opener on how a space can be both beautiful to look at and conducive to productivity.

Account Manager at Commercial Interior Design Firm

Chad Bewley, Senior Account Manager

I really appreciate that the different areas of the showroom tell you what they are for, whether that’s heads down work, collaboration, or a formal meeting; the furniture that is used and the placement make it clear what the intended use is.

Furniture Order Entry at Commercial Furniture Company

Janette Zollinger, Customer Fulfillment Specialist

I love the 3form lightbox at the reception desk that changes colors, and all the plants really give the showroom a homey feel.

Interior Designer at Commercial Furniture Company

Jenny Calla, Interior Designer NCIDQ

The entire renovated showroom looks amazing, but I appreciate the finishing touches with the light fixtures, pillows, rugs and plants. Those all help to define sub spaces within our space and showcase other products to provide a ‘finished’ look.

That's All for Back to the Showroom!

We hope you had as much fun travelling with us as we did. We have loved telling the stories of our showroom remodel and hope that you found them both entertaining and instructive. Subscribe to our newsletter below for more content as we release it through our ideas page!