In a lifetime, we will spend 90,000 hours at work. The core purpose of our company is to make room for people to thrive within those hours. We believe that ideas and resources have the power to transform those hours to be more productive and enjoyable for every employee at every organization.

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Office Furniture for Working from Anywhere

Transitioning to a World Where We Work From Anywhere

In the past, we worked primarily from the office. During the pandemic, we worked from home. What’s next in the evolution of the workplace ecosystem? …

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Photo of Commercial Workspace after Best Value Model Bid Process

Low Bid vs. Best Value: How to Get the Best Quality for the Best Price in the Furniture Procurement Process

There are two approaches to commercial furniture procurement. One arrives at the winner of a bid; one arrives at the best partner for the project. …

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Haworth Work From Home Furniture Set Up

Back to the Showroom Wrap-Up; And, the Work From Home Winner Is…

We are excited to announce the lucky winner of our Work From Home office setup, and wrap up our Back to the Showroom story series. …

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Planning for Office Remodel in Boise, ID

Handling the Painful Realities of a Remodel and the Lessons We Learned

No remodel is without a little pain, and ours was no exception. Here’s what we learned that can help you for your next office remodel. …

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Reconfigured Group of Workstations at BII's Furniture Showroom in Boise, ID

Reconfiguring an Entire Group of Workstations for Only $500

Reusing existing furniture in a remodel is cost-effective, but reconfiguring groups of workstations can be challenging and expensive if the redesign is not tactfully done. …

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Private Office Design For Commercial Furniture Showroom

Putting Extroverts in a Box: How We Designed Private Offices Without Annexing Social People

Designing private offices for an office often brings a direct clash between the practical and emotional considerations of workspace design. Here’s how we navigated it.  …

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Acoustic Product Wall Solutions In Office (11)

Incorporating Acoustic Solutions to Limit Noise in a Busy Space

As with many workspace remodels, one of the concerns we addressed was the noisiness of our space and how to implement acoustic solutions to help. …

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Interior Design Swatch Mood Board

Using Pops of Color to Bring Out Brand & Culture

(And Demystifying 5 Interior Design Color Myths) While current trends lean toward neutral color palettes, we wanted to showcase how color brings life to a …

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Open Conference Area Before Physical Distancing

Infusing Social Spaces for Collaboration in a Workspace

(And How to Tweak Them for Physical Distancing) Social spaces may briefly change during the pandemic, but soon they will be in all office spaces. …

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Reception Furniture For Lobby Area

Building a Reception Area to Own Welcoming, Wayfinding, and Wowing

The reception area is a company’s first chance to impress visitors. Before we remodeled, our lobby needed some serious help. Here’s how we tweaked it. …

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BII Commercial Furniture Showroom in Downtown Boise, ID

What’s In A Name? Our Brand Tweak from Business Interiors of Idaho to BII

We recently decided to tweak our brand from Business Interiors of Idaho to BII and to launch the new slogan “Creating Inspired Spaces.” Here’s why. …

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3form Dealer Catalog Swatches

How We Became Idaho’s 3Form Authorized Dealer

This past year brought a number of exciting developments for our company; one of the most noteworthy was being chosen as Idaho’s exclusive 3form dealer. …

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Aerial Shot Of BII's Commercial Furniture Showroom

A Brief History of BII

The history of BII, and how it became a household name for commercial office furniture in Idaho, starts, as many stories do, with humble beginnings. …

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Determining the Cost Of A Cubicle Workstation In 2020

How Much Does a Cubicle Workstation Cost in 2020?

There are dozens of manufacturers who design workstations and, on top of that, hundreds of ways to configure them…but how much do they actually cost? …

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The Office Furniture Buying Process

What Does the Office Furniture Buying Process Look Like?

While the process for buying commercial office furniture isn’t always as easy as click to order, there is no reason why it should be overcomplicated. …

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White Papers and Other Resources

An Ergonomic Seating Guide from Haworth for Office Design

The Importance Of Good Sitting

The relationship between the human body and chair can minimize discomfort and promote people’s well-being—physically, emotionally, and cognitively. Task chairs should be built to accommodate the range of body sizes around the world.

How To Create A Successful Organizational Culture A White Paper By Haworth

How to Create a Successful Organizational Culture

A search for “company culture” turns up over 290,000,000 hits in a fraction of a second. Why does the topic earn so much press? Because it’s critically important, often misunderstood, and influences employee engagement.

Balancing Cost Effectiveness With Support For Corporate Change & Flexibility

Business trends, the value of space, and how changes in organizational workstyles affect office design; this paper discusses how to achieve a flexible balance between fixed and adaptable workspace elements.

Managing Knowledge In The Workplace Through Interior Design

Knowledge in the Workplace

As more and more of the economy is knowledge-based, there is a need to better identify of the difficulties of measuring knowledge outputs and how to carefully weigh decisions about the work environment that could impact an organization’s ability to effectively support its knowledge activities.