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Logo for Preferred Haworth Dealer of Office Furniture in Boise
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Join us on a journey over the next 8 weeks as we introduce a reimagined version of the BII Showroom, 30 years in the making.

This year marks the 30th anniversary of our showroom, and, as part of the celebration, we were inspired to refresh the entire first floor of our historic, downtown Boise location. A handful of our brightest interior designers, account managers, and project managers poured months of work and creativity into reimagining the space and tweaking it to better serve our clients, our partners, and our communities. We were so excited to unveil the new space this summer, but hosting a grand opening became an impossibility as the Coronavirus pandemic spread through our community. We were devastated, but wouldn’t let that setback keep us from sharing the stories of our showroom remodel.

After a few months of working from home, we are going

"Back to the Showroom"

to unveil our refreshed space with you. Over the next 8 weeks, we will be telling stories from our showroom remodel: what went into making it along with what you can expect to see when we finally are able to host a grand opening party (which, don't worry! We still will be when we can do it safely.)

Part I

Building a Reception Area to Own Welcoming, Wayfinding, and Wowing

The reception area is a company’s first chance to impress visitors. Before we remodeled, our lobby needed some serious help. Here’s how we tweaked it.

Part II

Infusing Social Spaces for Collaboration in a Workspace

(And How to Tweak Them for Physical Distancing)

Social spaces may briefly change during the pandemic, but soon they will be in all office spaces.

Part III

Using Pops of Color to Bring Out Brand & Culture

(And Demystifying Interior Design Color Myths)

While current trends lean toward neutral color palettes, we wanted to showcase how color brings life to a workspace.

Part IV

Incorporating Acoustic Solutions to Limit Noise in a Busy Space

As with many workspace remodels, one of the concerns we addressed was the noisiness of our space and how to implement acoustic solutions to help.

Part V

Putting Extroverts in a Box: How To Design Private Offices Without Annexing the Social People Within Them

Designing private offices for an office often brings a direct clash between the practical and emotional considerations of workspace design. Here’s how we navigated it.

Part VI

Reconfiguring an Entire Group of Workstations for Only $500

Reusing existing furniture in a remodel is cost-effective, but reconfiguring groups of workstations can be challenging and expensive if the redesign is not tactfully done.

Part VII

Handling the Painful Realities of a Remodel; Lessons We Learned that Can Help You

No remodel is without a little pain, and ours was no exception. Here’s what we learned that can help you for your next office remodel.

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