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Purpose & Values

We are furniture geeks for a living, but we are driven by more than that. Our passion is to make space for people, culture, and communities to thrive. It’s this passion, founded upon our core purpose and values, that give us a why for what we do every single day.

Why We Exist

We design workspaces and install furniture, but that’s not what drives us. Our core purpose is to Create Culture, Build Community, and Enrich Lives. We seek to achieve this goal for every client through each project we undertake and the long-term customer relationships we’ve developed over the last three decades are a testament to that commitment.

Create Culture

Build Community

Enrich Lives

We fulfill this purpose through the following core values:

We do what is right, always.

Whether we are in the spotlight or behind closed doors, our team seeks to do the right thing, no matter the cost. We place an extremely high value on integrity, both among our internal team and with our external partners and clients. We want anyone who steps into our showroom or into a space that we have designed to know that we are a group of people who will do what is right even when it’s not the easiest or cheapest option.

We seek continuous improvement.

At every step of our processes, we channel a heart of “Kaizen.” This Japanese word means “change for better,” and the philosophy, first put into practice by Toyota, empowers employees in every role to work together proactively to achieve regular, incremental improvements in everything we do. Our team members even award one another “Kaizen Cards” when someone goes above and beyond to make something better.

We prioritize our team over ourselves.

When installing commercial furniture, alignment is key. If one panel on one workstation is misaligned, it can cause cascading issues for the entire workspace. Similarly, alignment on a team of people is crucial to its success. Everyone at our company knows that when we prioritize ourselves over our team, we jeapordize the goals of a project. Whether it’s our internal employees or our external partners, we always seek to put the team before ourselves, ensuring an alignment that will enable us to reach and exceed our project goals.

We create WOW.

When our clients walk into their new workspace for the first time, we want them to think more than just, “This works.” We want them to be WOWed as they see, touch, taste, and feel the original vision for their space come to life in a way they never could have imagined. From design through installation and beyond, we seek to create these WOW moments that will leave our clients wondering how they ever functioned as a company without their new space.

We value our purpose over the bottom line.

We believe that the work we do is more important than just a purchase order or a paycheck. Throughout a lifetime, an employee will spend 90,000 hours at work. Our efforts to design and install functional, beautiful offices help those hours spent at work be a little bit better. We know that what we do impacts the well-being of real people, and that knowledge drives us to care more deeply than just the depth of our pocketbooks.

We are passionate experts of our craft.

In short, we are furniture geeks. While some people just see a chair or a workstation, we see the convergence of art and science, where thoughtful design meets a function that matches an aesthetic that supports a company’s purpose and culture. We design collaborative spaces and meeting rooms where the ideas of the future will be formed. We provide chairs that serve as way stations for world changers. We install whiteboards that become canvases for innovation. We are passionate about our craft, which fuels every detail of our projects.

Our Commitment to Community

In an effort to manifest our core purpose and values within our community, BII formed a charitable committee in 2021, made up of employees outside of the leadership team of the company. This committee is charged with planning and directing all charitable efforts of the company, including pro-bono design, space planning, and furniture specification as well as donations of product. Additionally, our charitable committee organizes events, both internal and external, to raise money for local charities. Our largest event annually is a bocce ball tournament for other construction and design industry professionals that raised over $7,000 for local charities in 2021. Ultimately, we believe that this support of our community and the charities within it is vital to the overall purpose and success of our own team. 

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